Custom Enterprise Web Application Development.

Our Capabilities

At Evans & Chambers, we partner with our clients to create solutions that fit like a glove: agile, test-driven development with security baked in from the ground up, designed from a deep-rooted understanding of your particular business landscape. Our goal? To eliminate the barriers to collaboration and information-sharing, one project at a time.

Project Management Office (PMO) Support

Defining governance, operational processes, and IT requirements to drive efficient and cost effective technical solutions.

Legacy System Modernization

Replace costly legacy systems with efficient solutions that better align with how your business operates today.

API/Web Service Development

Access new revenue streams by monetizing your applications, letting other developers build securely on tools you've created.

Mobile App Development

Bring your solution to today's fastest-growing, most popular platform, and start reaching more customers.

Intelligence Analysis

Analyze and exploit your vital intelligence data collections to create timely products for use across the operational, strategic and tactical levels.

Cloud Computing

Eliminate data center overhead, reduce your need for admin and realize new efficiencies in development and maintenance.

Insider Threat

Establish a comprehensive vantage point to understand your users, mitigate risks and protect your data and systems.


Modernize the immigration process by implementing breakthrough solutions for better throughput and accuracy.

Personnel Security

Improve throughput, refining the accuracy of your clearances while dramatically reducing processing time.


Deploy solutions that make it easier for analysts to understand threats and keep our nation safe.

Our Approach

No translation necessary.

At EC, we do our homework: taking the time to understand not only your challenges, but how you do business. Then we build that knowledge directly into your software architecture and design.

More than a service provider.

We partner with our clients, shouldering your goals as our own while offering value-added management consultation along the way to transform your operations for the better.

We’re not technology snobs.

We respect the investments you’ve made and the technologies you’ve chosen. Drawing from our expertise, we leverage those tools and build on them using complementary technologies.

Changing needs? Reach back.

Projects evolve. At EC, we respond to our clients’ shifting needs with a diversity of skills and specialties, backed by a culture of continual training, shared best practices and select internal partnerships.

Build in quality.

We apply best practices and standardized approaches to deliver successful project that comply with the guidelines of our customer environment. Through test-driven development, we focus on user experience as well as functionality from the beginning of the engagement to final completion.

Agility makes a difference.

We design, develop, test and deploy in short iterations, using methodologies like XP and Kanban with frequent check-points that let us change course on a dime and maximize success potential.

Security comes first.

To be effective, it has to be in the DNA. We bake in security requirements early, continually revalidating that the solution is compliant with its requirements – from FISMA to ICD 503.