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How to Build a Mapbox Minimap in a React App

By Tyler Beall

My team at Evans and Chambers Technology has been working on an application in the geospatial analytics field for the past few months. Using the React library and Mapbox GL JS, we were able to provide a map which would allow users to perform valuable functions such as drawing geoJSON shapes, identifying locations on a map, and providing layers for data analytics and trends.

As we progressed with the application, it became clear that from a design standpoint, our map needed an overview map to help the user identify their location more easily.

Unfortunately Mapbox does not provide this functionality out of the box, nor do they provide documentation on how implement this relatively common feature request. And to make matters worse, we were unable to find any examples online of any other teams building this feature.

See our post on Medium to learn more about how our team discovered and documented adding this novel feature to a React application.


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