Intelligence Market

We know that reliable intelligence requires trusted industry partners that understand the importance of creating a secure global data environment. We accelerate the delivery of technical capability to further our customer’s strategic intelligence goals and help anticipate the next threat. Register to gain access to our Software-Defined Firewalls for Zero-Trust Security eBook.

Creating Trusted Global EcoSystems for Intelligence Sharing

Zero Trust

The workforce is distributed with users working inside and outside of the organization’s perimeter. Our solution identifies the individual and the context of the request continuously. We use a brokered service to make sure that the combination of user and device makes sense for the  applications and data set that is requested.

Managed Attribution

Protecting your identity in the digital landscape is critical to the security and safety of personnel and assets. Intelligence must be gathered without exposing the intentions or methods of the individual. Our solution ensures that threats actors can only see what you intend. We develop personas that match the activity and level of risk.

Digital Transformation

Digital service offerings must drive productivity and accessibility. Our designers and engineers employ Lean UI, Agile, and DevOps principles to deliver features to government employees and citizens. We deploy problem discovery, solution framing, and iterative design and development techniques to deploy features into operations faster.

We Deploy ATO-ready Solutions into Operations.

We know that it is not enough to provide a capability. The capability must meet the necessary security controls. We have years of experience achieving authority to operate, moving capabilities into operations securely.

Identity and Credential Management

We deploy our know-how with identity and access management (IdAM) and identity credential management (ICAM) for not only user provisioning/deprovisioning but also for access to enterprise resources by user and device type. Our ICAM understanding extends the capabilities provided by traditional IdAM products to maintain the proper identity and access across classification boundaries.

Cloud Network Security

Our software-defined security solutions provided firewall protection without the need for multiple physical appliances. We give the government the agility to change their security boundaries as the mission changes to enable a secure and global user-base.

Data Science and Engineering

We design data models and deploy data pipelines to automate business operational tasks and provide insights to intelligence operations. We integrate relevant data sets within the larger data fabric to provide contextual intelligence and predictive analytics.

Software As a Service/Managed Services

Our tailored government SaaS products live within the customer’s existing cloud environment. Our government customers benefit from multi-tenant architectures that inherit controls from the cloud platform for faster ATO approval and user adoption. We provide maintenance and feature development as an outsourced resource, allowing our customer to focus on the mission not technical delivery.

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