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NFL Washington Football Team Drafts Evans & Chambers

By Alice Swan

Evans & Chambers Technology is excited to report that we are working with the National Football League’s Washington Football Team (WFT) on a project that supports its continuous IT evolution in the competitive world of professional sports. 

Evans & Chambers was awarded a contract with the WFT in November 2020 to provide the organization with a comprehensive assessment of its IT infrastructure. This assessment includes providing a current picture of WFT IT resources, documenting their current business operations and how IT enables those operations, determining what IT resources will support continued operational evolution, and building an IT roadmap such that IT transformation will align with operational transformation.

Competitive professional sports today requires the use of technology in ways never imagined 25 years ago. Evans & Chambers is proud to help the WFT stay current with the ever-changing world of IT and data analytics. We are honored that the WFT drafted the Evans & Chambers team to help win the game where technology not only enables business operations but also creates business discriminators on an extremely competitive field of play.

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